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How COVID-19 Is Shaping Online Business Opportunities in Pakistan

Posted: July 9, 2020 by ed

Coronavirus outbreak has taken an intense toll on the economy of Pakistan and beyond. Be it primary, secondary, tertiary or quaternary industries irrespective of their size and scale are vulnerable to global pandemic. The twin threats to lives and livelihoods, and how organizations can prepare for the next normal is shaping the latest perspectives for online business in 2020 to keep the businesses immune to Covid-19 crises.


The advent of global crises has created a Big bang into the basic business topologies and so the means to access the targeted demographics. People have never been so wired with to their tablets | phones | computers to stay connected with the world before – consequently amplifying the urge to shift to online platforms has grown like never before. Keeping a distance | virtual meetings | emphasized online buying selling of product & services | Digital banking – is new business normal.

Having an online presence is an innate requirement now to stay alive not just on the World Wide Web but offline as well to claim your lion’s share in the competitive market. In the past couple of decades major investment has been flocked into the Infrastructure and Construction industries of Pakistan. has revolutionized the construction sector of Pakistan by bring top of the expert architects | interior designers | landscapers | town planners | contractors to align with the clients via an online platform.


Naqsha has opened new avenues to construction businesses to create new trends and realities in Pakistan. So in the midst of COVID -19 outburst, if you are a struggling startup | growth seeking medium scaled business | or affected giant groups, seeking to connect with potential clients to earn profits in spades – simply get registered with our online platform to roll out successful ventures and keep your business immune to economic crises.

Trends for online business in 2020 have adapted to new normal to not just survive but to grow as well. Online Business Opportunities is a new take in the construction industry of Pakistan. Use the opportunity with to make your mark.


From finding right contractors, architects, interior designers to procure finest grey construction material | finishing material | and allied services – Finding a right team of experts is always an uphill walk especially in the prevailing lockdown situation. But, hey don’t worry! is your GO TO online platform – If you are looking to connect with experts of the market to save big time hustle free in just simple three steps:

Step 1: Fill in the filters

Step 2: Select your professionals

Step 3: Get the best instant quote and you are all set to Begin.

Yes, you read it correctly, it’s that simple & hustle free to get the experts on board.


Apart from aligning right experts to right clients and vice versa, Naqsha also embarks on digital solutions not just to tackle the construction challenges to lean out the procurement process but also to synchronize with workplace protocols of minimalistic human interaction on account of COVID-19. strives to feature a squad of recognized architects, builders, & designers at a one platform to provide 360-degree suite of construction solutions to its clients transparently.

The digital procurement solution at Naqsha will help:

  • Diversifying the supply-chain
  • Managing demand more resourcefully
  • Empowering agility
  • And managing use of offsite assembly & modular approaches.


  • PROCURE GET GRAY MATERIALS with a Click from Recognized Suppliers at Best Competitive Quote


So, if you are in need of gray materials? Get aligned with best construction partners for guaranteed finest quality Bricks | Gravels | Cement | Steel | Sand | Scaffolding – Yes! Get it procured right at your construction site with click.


  • GET FINISHED MATERIAL PROCURED with a Click by Recognized Suppliers at Best Competitive Quote


If you are looking for finish materials? Get aligned with best suppliers for finest tiles | ceiling | sanitary tap | paint | switches | doors & wardrobes – Yes! Choose the best and get it procured right at your desired site with click.


  • GET RELIABLE ALLIED SERVICE with a Click by Recognized Suppliers at Best Competitive Quote


If you are in need to align with the best allied service providers for HVAC units | generators | CCTV | escalators | lifts | water pumps – Naqsha has the best allied service provider in their catalogue. Just choose the one that fits your budget and you are ready to see the marvels happen yourself.


The COVID-19 outbreak is emotionally challenging which has changed day to day life in unprecedented ways. Staying flexible and open to adapt to new normal is the only key to get through the economic crises. Businesses and targeted customers are seeking refuge in online business in 2020. It’s challenging for a professional to reach out a potential client. This stand equally true for customers, who are hunting right team to roll out construction | design | or execution for their respective projects. 


Induction of online platforms in the construction sector of Pakistan is a Breakthrough in Traditional Mindset to incubate Online Business Opportunities in 2020 to shape the immunity against COVID-19 economic crises.

Naqsha sings perfect duet with clients & professionals to build a trusted bond to roll out mutual interest in the best way possible. Stay protected to economic decline with Naqsha Online Business Opportunities in 2020.

For Professional

Naqsha is helping the experts find online business opportunities to make them future ready for the midst & Post-COVID-19 economic crises. So, you are an architect | interior designers | landscapers | town planners | contractors – looking for online business opportunities to grow exponentially – Naqsha is a reliable online platform to touch new heights in the construction industry.

Reasons to Choose

  1. Boost Your Business Online
  2. Enhance immunity against COVID 19 Economic Crises
  3. Access Clients 24/7 Online Availability
  4. Profit Earning by setting the Quotations that best suit you
  5. Online Directory
  6. You Can Work from Anywhere
  7. Client Can Reach You by Your
  • Company Location
  • Your Estimated Quotation
  • Portfolio/Previous Projects
  • Contact Details

For Client

Naqsha strives to build a team of experts to provide its respective clients with the top of the crop experts across Pakistan. Online Business in 2020 is key to roll out the remote procedures without compromising the work quality. Whether you are looking to procure guaranteed grey/ finish material/ allied services or in need of getting aligned with right experts  (architect | interior designers | landscapers | town planners | contractors) – Naqsha is a reliable online platform aligns you with the best experts hustle free with a click.

Reasons to Choose

  1. Team of recognized experts under one Platform
  2. Hustle free personalized services
  3. You can reach professionals by
  • Area/ Town/ City
  • Company Rates
  • Online Portfolio
  • Estimated Quotation
  • Contact Details of Company

It’s not about survival of the fittest anymore it’s about survival of the smartest now!

Is your Business Future Ready? Be it finding right experts or potential clients – Make a smart move with Naqsha to explore the online business opportunities in 2020.

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