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Naqsha Pay Aao Time Bachao


Online connecting platform to bridge the gap between public & building professionals.

Market Problem


Public face problems to get professionals for their building project. Conversely, It is also challenging for the building professional to locate a refined client without PR.

Our Solution


“Naqsha” offers public to get best professional according to their budget and Location. Similarly, Professionals will get mature leads to Develop future pipeline.

Core Values


  • Innovation
  • Team Work
  • Professional & Competent
  • Adaptable & Responsive
  • Customer Satisfaction



Naqsha brings an innovation to the construction sector of Pakistan by connecting public with building professionals. Our goal is to elevate the business of building professionals by online marketing platform and facilitating public by online directory of professionals.



We aim to target all countries where the word “Naqsha” is spoken and understand as a “Sketch/Map” in their language like Dubai, Turkey, Saudi Arabia etc. We also aim to decrease the unemployment rate & help to create more opportunities for labor class in Pakistan

Target Audience


General Public

“Naqsha” offer public to get best professional according to their budget and location.

Building Professionals

Professionals will get mature leads to develop future pipeline.

Building Material Companies

Companies can get clients from our registered professionals & from general website visitors.

Fresh Graduates/Engineers

Best job opportunities for fresh graduates/engineers from our registered companies & website visitors by developing their business card.

Our Business Model


Building Professionals
We are catering building professionals in 5- categories, Architecture, Construction, Interior Design, Landscape Design & Town planning. After registration & subscription, professional get mature clients from general public & through weekly leads provided by our company.
Construction Partners
In this category, we are facilitating all Building Material Companies to meet the online market trend. They can easily showcase their product range & prices to get online orders from general public & our registered professionals. This category will launch in Phase-2.
Sponsored Ads
Special projection is given to our sponsored ad section, to get maximum visibility on the front page of website.

Brand Ambassador


Jawad Bashir

He is a popular and well established actor and director of Pakistan.

He has been a face for famous brands like Ufone and Zameen.com
and played a significant role in shaping up their brand image for years.

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